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8 health & fitness tips for busy people

Posted by Charalampos Pavlakis on 11 June, 2018

06:00 The alarm goes off

06:30 Get the kids ready for school

07:00 Breakfast, get packed lunches ready

07:45 Bring kids to school, and head to work

08:30-12:00 Work, meeting with clients and meeting deadlines

12:00 Quick lunch from the Burger King around the corner or the Chinese restaurant across the street

12:30-18:00 Continue with work, meeting with clients and meeting deadlines

18:30 Arrive home

18:30 Bring kids to extracurricular activities, check homework, catch up on the day

20:00 Dinner with the family, maybe some delicious pizza from the local pizzeria

21:00 Get the kids to bed

22:00 Watch your favourite TV-series on Netflix, while downing some nachos with cheese and maybe a cola

00:00 Go to sleep

06:00 The alarm goes off….


If this sounds like you, keep reading.


While life races past so quickly, staying healthy and keeping fit can be an uphill struggle. Finding the time to stay healthy and in shape can be difficult for anyone. For busy people, it’s easy to forget that you must take care of yourself too. Just like your business, your body needs care and attention to properly function. Leading a healthy lifestyle will benefit both you and your business in the long run, as healthy people tend to be happier and ultimately more productive.


Here are 8 simple tips that will help you to get more active and fit even if your schedule is tight.


  • Drink two glasses of water first thing in the morning. Drinking two glasses of water immediately after waking up rehydrates your body, jump-starts your metabolism and increases your level of alertness. In general, avoid soft drinks, alcohol and canned juices. They all contain big amounts of sugar that don’t benefit you in any way. Instead, always choose water as your refreshing beverage. Think of it this way: Your body consists 70% of water. Do I really need to say anything more?


  • Have a decent size healthy breakfast that includes healthy fats, slow digesting carbs and protein. To cut a long story short, go for wholegrain bread, oats, fruits, eggs, smoked salmon. Skip the dairy: apart from the fact that it may make you feel bloated, it contains excess amounts of sugar and fat that you don’t need! If eating your oats with water sounds too extreme for you, give almond milk a try.


  • Cycle to work or just…walk! Whenever possible, skip driving to the office and cycle instead. This is not only a perfect way of sneaking a workout into your busy schedule, but you will also avoid the traffic in the morning rush hours.


  • Take the stairs, not the elevator. Current research has shown that incidental exercise – meaning the workout you get from going about your day, not hitting the gym, can have a major, positive impact on your health. Taking the stairs more often isn’t the same as going for a 30-minute run, but minor everyday exertions shouldn’t be discounted.


  • Aim for a healthy home-cooked lunch instead of the harming fast food options. Devote 30 minutes every evening to prepare the next day’s lunch and dinner. Meal prepping is an excellent way to save time and eat healthy at the same time. Consider devoting one hour every second evening and prepare all the food you will need for the next two days. Meal prepping can significantly increase the likelihood that you will stick to your diet, as it keeps you away from impulsive eating behaviours. Do not forget, meal prepping is effective for your waist, as well as for your wallet!


  • Use your lunch break to workout. Just because it’s called lunch break it doesn’t mean you must use it for lunch. You can sign up at the nearest gym and have a 45-minute workout. You can have your lunch later at your desk. Alternatively, use your lunch break to take a 45-minute walk outside the office. You will be amazed how refreshing it feels to get some clean air in your system if you are used to an office environment.


  • Consider buying a stationary bike or an elliptical trainer. This can be a perfect alternative to going to the gym, as it saves you a huge amount of time. Try cycling at a steady pace for 45 to 60 minutes per day every evening before your dinner. This can be more enjoyable if you combine it with watching a movie, TV or listening to music at the same time.


  • Forget about weight loss. We often think exercise is just about weight loss, but that's not the right approach. Working out improves your mood, confidence and sleeping habits. Rather than focusing your workout on weight loss, which can be frustrating and difficult to maintain, consider exercising to be as important to your health routine as brushing your teeth or taking a shower.


Along the way there will be ups and downs, successes and failures, days that you will feel motivated and days that you will feel awfully demotivated. Just like your business, getting healthy and fit is more of a marathon and less of a 100-meter run. If you fail, get over it and start again. Remember this!


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