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Content Marketing: 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs It

Posted by Charalampos Pavlakis on 20 May, 2019
  • You have heard about the popularity of content marketing and its numerous benefits?
  • You are considering if your business could benefit from it, but you cannot yet decide if it is worth investing in?

Then, let me help you with that decision! 


What is Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing. If done correctly, it produces a steady and long-term influx of potential customers coming from search engines. It is important to underline that Content Marketing is not related to paid advertising, but only to visitors who come to your website organically. Now, let’s dive in to fully understand what the fuss is all about.

Content Marketing is the answer to all these “Buy Now” ads, which have been around on the internet for a long time. In simple terms, it is the production and distribution of free content in various formats (blog posts, videos, infographics, eBooks, podcasts, etc.) that does not aim at direct sales. Instead, it educates, informs, answers questions, and solves problems its readers may have. This content is optimised according to SEO best practises, so that it ranks as high as possible in search engines and users can easily find it.

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What is the purpose of Content Marketing?

As we've discussed already, the primary goal of Content Marketing is not direct selling, but creating interest. Try to see this through the eyes of your target audience: You are interested in a specific topic, so you go online trying to find as much information as possible on this. After a bit of research, you find out that a company produces comprehensive content providing good answers to all the questions you have! You decide to subscribe to the company's newsletter to get weekly updates. Soon you realise that the content of the newsletter you receive each week is really valuable and that you have gained insights you didn't have before! Now tell me... what are the chances that you will eventually buy from this company? 


Why your business should invest in Content Marketing

  • It does not require continuous investment: Don't get me wrong on that. Content Marketing does require an enormous and continuous investment. You need to find topics that interest your audience, develop engaging, high-quality content and take action to engange with your readers (reply to their comments and questions, or express your opinion on a subject that they put on the table). However, a piece of content takes an one-time effort to be created, and then you can use it several times as part of your Content Marketing Strategy without any additional costs! On the other hand, paid ads will bring traffic to your landing page faster but they will not work in the long term. Just to refresh your memory, the concept for paid ads is simple. You define a budget you are willing to spend and you are charged in a variety of ways (for example when someone clicks on your ad). The difference between Content Marketing Strategy and paid ads is, that in the former the return on investment (ROI) is much higher. According to a recent survey, Content Marketing has less direct costs but also more long-term benefits in comparison to paid ads.

  • It can easily be integrated into or complement your marketing strategy: Adopting Content Marketing as a part of your marketing strategy does not mean that you will stop all the other client-attraction practices you have been using so far. It just means that you will be equipped with another tool that will help your product or service reach a larger audience. Think of it like this: the success of a paid ad is heavily depending on the stage the consumer is within the buyer's journey. If the consumer is not actively looking to buy, then it is very unlikely that they will click on your ad. On the other hand, Content Marketing is the tool that will bring the potential customer into the awareness stage of the buyer's journey. In other words, the consumer will now be aware of your company, increasing the chances of success for a paid ad that this customer may see in the future.

  • It leads the right audience to your site: Content Marketing attracts consumers who are already interested in your content, product, or service. They are facing a problem, they search online for a suitable solution and end up on your blog post. Content Marketing attracts an audience which is genuinely interested in your product or service. This means that leads coming organically to your site have a much higher chance to buy from you!

It’s vital to realise that Content Marketing has become a standard marketing strategy for many companies all around the world. With access to the internet from everywhere and in every moment, if you aren't utilising a Content Marketing strategy, you are missing out potential customers... or worse, you are sending them to your competition.

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